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Friday, March 25, 2011

Another late-evening edition
of What Beijing York said

And finally tonight:
We have to actively kill those memes - costly election, unwanted election, economic stability and scary coalition government.
How can Canadians by and large be cheering on demands for democracy on the "Arab street" while re-electing a party found to be in CONTEMPT of Parliament? Hopefully more Canadians will put two and two together and realize that they have to put a stop to the erosion of our freedoms and democracy.


  1. lots of visuals, short clips throwing their coalition plans of 2006 back at them, short videos of photo after photo with headlines reminding Canadians of the abuses committed over FIVE years.

    pictures stick.

    The opposition really seemed like they finally got it today and worked well together. They seemed to finally understand that steve and the CONs have to be crushed before they have any hope of putting forth their own plans for their party and Canada.

    I feel hopeful for the first time in years.

  2. I'm extremely flattered to see my comment highlighted here.

    More importantly, I really do hope the opposition campaign teams get it together to control the message framing of this election. In reality, Harper is starting from the most ignominious position than any incumbent has ever had to deal with. To not leverage that would be a sin.