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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nice country you got there

There's a light unto the nations for you.

Ignorance and belligerent stupidity celebrated as indicators of authenticity? Check.

People you don't like demonized? Check.

Violent unbalanced rhetoric cranked up to 11 and amplified 24/7 by the right-wing noise machine? Check.

Easy access to firearms? Check.

What a shining example of democracy and civil discourse. Don't like someone's ideas? Just shoot 'em.

Someone remind me, please. We want to deep-integrate with this ... why?

(Update: h/t Dr. Dawg, Sister Sage, Buckdog, and the usual suspects.)

(Upperdate: Nothing new about eliminationism in America. For a worthwhile and in-depth analysis, read David Neiwert, starting here.)


  1. Gee, where do I sign up?

    You should check some of the Blogging Tories. Some of whom even defend Sarah Palin's little map of targetted congressional districts. It's like they're living vicariously through those gun toting American tea-baggers.

  2. Palin now claims the cross-hairs on her map are just those used by surveyors.