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Monday, May 12, 2014

Maybe we could have an @OntarioPCParty online butthurt form, just to save time | #onpoli

Well, I guess when you're reduced to using whiny 21-year-olds for staff, this is what you get.

Not only lashing out at others for their own fuckups, but doubling down on the stupidity and ignorance. I know, easy targets, but hey, if they're going to leave the evidence there for anyone to come along and use ...

Teabagger Timmy's been having a rough week, evidently. Getting called out on his bad math was just for starters. Then this.

For those who don't remember the Harris horror show, a reminder. Walkerton. Ipperwash. Dudley George. War on organized labour. Kicking social-assistance recipients in the teeth. Vicious attacks on people least able to defend themselves. Ringing a bell yet? And now this oily little dipshit says he can create a million jobs by firing 100,000 public servants? Anyone want to point out when that's ever worked?


Yeah, thought so. This isn't about job creation, and it isn't about saving money. It's union-bashing, plain and simple. A little red meat for the drooling base, shot through with vengeance, schadenfreude, and misery. Having a hard time? Trouble making ends meet? Feel like things just aren't working out? Don't do anything about to improve your situation -- just drag other people down with you while the owners and investors laugh their asses off at you. Yeah, it sucks to be sitting in a puddle of my own shit, but at least those goddamn unionized public servants are getting theirs too!

But we'll save the historical parallels for later. Observe the dynamics here. Dumbass campaign staff don't know or follow the rules, neglect to get authorization, and next thing you know, TTC security are pulling the plug on their little stunt. Do they wear it? Do they take responsibility? Do they maybe learn from their own mistakes?

Guess not. Check out the tweets. What rules? We don't have to follow the rules! We're special! Not our fault. Blame someone else. They're out to get us! Waaaaah! Remind you of anyone?

Hudak and Ford. Well, OK, there's a difference: less crack. This will go well.

(Um, Blogger? Might want to build in a quicker way to embed tweets. Just saying.)

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