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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mayor Stupid, the Star, and another question | #TOpoli

Mr. Ford, your accusation of a vendetta is, to use your word, ridiculous. Toronto is entitled to straight answers to straight questions, and here are a few being asked in your city right now over this holiday weekend:

  • Do you understand why this damning videotape requires a proper and thoughtful explanation?
  • Have you ever smoked crack cocaine?
  • How well do you know the men in the photograph that appeared on Friday’s front page? Did you know the man who was subsequently shot dead?
  • Did you refer to Justin Trudeau by a homosexual slur?
  • Did you refer to your football team as f------ minorities?
  • Will you call for a police investigation into these latest allegations?

So many questions. No real answers.

In what has become a long list of questionable incidents involving your behaviour, does it ever occur to you that you have a problem and it isn’t the Toronto Star?
Source here.

So to sum up: A decades-long record of fuckups, vulgarity, buffoonery, drunkenness, ignorance, racism, homophobia, entitlement, laziness, lawlessness, denials, lies, avoidance, playing the victim, blaming other people, paranoia, and above all, Zero Effort to Take Responsibility For His Own Behaviour. And then we have a substantial proportion of the electorate who excuse, identify with, and enable this, and even see it as evidence of leadership ability.

To paraphrase Michael Cooke: Does it ever occur to you, Toronto, that you have a bigger problem, and it isn't Mayor Crackhead?

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