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Friday, April 12, 2013

Media culpa: Margaret Wente and quotes: Who said that?

Media culpa: Margaret Wente and quotes: Who said that?:

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Carol Wainio providing more quality control for the Globe. And God love her, because the brain trust on Front Street obviously won't do it.

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Anonymous hands @cselley his ass | #Rehtaeh #RapeCulture

"How would you respond to columns like Chris Selley’s in the National Post that say your efforts are not needed?

Wow, you picked a real winner there. Well, no offense to Chris Selley or the National Post, but he seems to insinuate that if the police screw up and a few rapists get off the proper response is “tough shit,” move on to the next case. For that, I think he's a moron. Let's slow down for one second and assume that I did release the names of those rapists... what law am I breaking? I suppose they could sue me for slandering them. Of course, to do that they'd have to prove I was lying.This gets worse: he says we should ignore the photo being spread around the school because it probably happens all time. We can't expect the legal system to punish everyone that's passing around photos of women being raped, now can we? It's “fairly routine adolescent behaviour.” Chris Selley article epitomizes the rape culture. "

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If there's a better rejoinder to all the handwringers and mansplainers and apologists who caution us against going vigilante and say we should just let the legal process and the justice system do their jobs, I haven't found it yet.

News flash, fuckheads: the justice system screwed the pooch on this. The legal process, the school system, and the police -- all the institutions we charge with keeping young women like Rehtaeh safe -- did sweet fuck-all to protect her.

And the fucking RCMP? Well, they're pretty good at tasering immigrants to death and then lying about it, sitting there with their thumbs up their asses while serial killers prey on women, and/or sexually assaulting their female colleagues and aboriginal prisoners. Serving and protecting young women? Not so shit-hot.

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