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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mayor Stupid plays grabass with @ThomsonTO. Fuckwits rush to excuse it | #TOpoli

Well, maybe he was so fucked up he thought he was coaching football or something. Football players do that, don't they?

Ed Keenan and Ivor Tossell have already weighed in on this, so not much to add to their analysis, but I have one question for the "Ford Nation" deadheads rushing to the mayor's support:

You think you'd be able to get away with this shit? Yeah, I know the guy's apparently Teflon-coated, and no matter what the left-wing conspiracy throws at him, he manages to skate, but why don't you try pulling some of his shit? You know -- scream drunken obscenities at women at hockey games, flip the bird at women in traffic, call women "wastes of skin," blow off female integrity commissioners and ombudsmen, or grab their asses in public ... and see if you can walk away without a scratch.

All we can do, really, is hunker down and ride out the next year and a half while trying not to be distracted by the daily embarrassments. What else is there to do?

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