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Friday, July 20, 2012

Mayor Stupid on the Danzig shootings

First on video ...

And then audio ...

He's unbelievable. A fucking multimedia fountain of stupid. Not only is he ignorant, he fucking revels in it.

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  1. Not stupid at all. Would there be shootings like this if Toronto had the same demographics it did in 1960? Is there a common denominator among the perpetrators? To ask the questions is to answer them.

  2. What a piece of work. He makes Mel Lastman look like a class act.

  3. When we need leadership most, we get this. Exploiting tragedy, scapegoating, feeding and feeding off the worst in us, and, in the end, helping to make us meaner and less safe than ever. This is Toronto, one of the great world cities. Oy Canada.