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Friday, June 15, 2012

Tiny Tim and Brother Dumbfuck? That's a marriage made in ... um ...

Quick, pick the smartest one in the room.

Oh, sure. This should work out just fine. 

In between Brother Dumbfuck referring to Rob's wife as "the Polack" (hey, who knows? Maybe there are some "coons," "hymies," and "slopes" in the family too, but in his mouth, those are terms of endearment) and Tim's homophobic dog whistles last fall, they'll have all the ignorant-ass bigot bases covered.

As a very smart blogger put it:

As his brother’s right hand man, Councillor Ford has essentially helped rip up the mayor’s mythical mandate with his regular near Ralph Kramden pie in the sky schemes that began last year down on the Port Lands and that ill-fated land grab, continuing apace through the subways v. streetcar transit debacle. Rarely a week goes by without the councillor having to take a foot from his mouth in an attempt to reverse damage to the family brand.

What is it? Where do they get the idea that belligerent stupidity and cultivated ignorance are qualifications for public service?

Go for it, Dougie. You and Tim deserve each other. God knows the rest of us don't.

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1 comment:

  1. Q: "Quick, pick the smartest one in the room."
    A: The water cooler in the background.