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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another opportunity for the healing power of public scorn | @TorontoPolice #G20

Can't believe I haven't found this until now. Adam Nobody talks about the dickless pieces of shit who kicked him in the face after he was cuffed. Tough guys.

Note the memes that come out of this and have subsequently become ingrained in all post-G20 discussion: topping the list, the seminal "you should have stayed home" sentiment, wrong-headed though it is; the swaggering aura of unaccountability; the gratuitous sadism; and the overarching, stinking miasma of lies and insults to our intelligence. Thousands of cops right there. Egregiously criminal activity taking place right in front of their fucking noses. Not one of them lifts a finger to stop it. Not one of them sees, hears or remembers anything. Sorry, but if it's Adam Nobody's word against theirs, I know who I'd believe.

And we're coming up on almost two years later.

On a completely unrelated note, anyone know what Todd Storey and Luke Watson are doing?

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