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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sure. Private-sector involvement in police work. | #areyououtofyourfuckingminds

Via a helpful reader, one of the most disturbing things I've seen this week:

I don't know Joe Couto, and I'm sure he's a perfectly decent guy in real life, but this is on behalf of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police.

How many ways do you want this to be a bad idea? Policing priorities determined, not by public need or democratic process, but by shareholders' demands for profit? Policing decisions made in accordance with the desires of the folks holding the purse strings? Policing operations influenced by (horrors!) ... class biases?

If you filled a trial balloon with swamp gas instead of helium, this is what it would smell like.

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  1. It's also code for union-busting, cuz private industry will do it cheaper. Difficult to see how police work can be outsourced to China, though.

  2. Idea is being talked about in the UK


    A very BAD idea, it is.

  3. Doesn't the guy remember what happened when the US tried to privatise the military - Blackwater.
    Damn these guys are stupid.

  4. Hi. I can confirm that I am a swell guy :-) The reason I Tweeted that particular Tweet is that politicians (not police) are starting to really promote "privatization" of policing services. They say some of what we do (like taffic enforcement, perhaps even investigations) could be done by private interests. I want to be clear that police SUPPORT public policing, not privatization. We are public servants and prefer to be accountable to civilian oversight bodies and the citizens we serve. Yes, we mess up some times but we are accountable to citizens, not private intests. However, policing saying "no" to privatization" does not go down well with certain politicians. They need to hear from ordinary people! Please share our concerns with your friends and thanks for blogging this!!! Joe C.

  5. Ask the right questionsMarch 8, 2012 at 12:08 PM

    The Brits HAVE implemented the use of private companies in several jurisdictions for certain tasks (see John Harris Guardian.co.uk, Monday 5 March 2012). Likely to be just as successful as their major austerity plans in the face of a zero bound financial crisis.
    Unnecessary pain in the face of poor outcomes.
    When will this madness be opposed? I am glad to hear that the OACP is not in favour.
    Good heads up. Harper and Ford are sure to recommend similar types of plans (and not just for policing ) This is your tax money.

  6. At the closing days of Occupy Regina last November, a private security (cop looking car) was parked on Scarth St. by Victoria Park where the campsite had been before it was cleared out by tickets handed out by police and bylaw enforcement. The rumour was that Group5 had been hired by a local wealthy person to police the very public Victoria Park.