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Saturday, February 18, 2012

@ToewsVic has brought this humiliation upon himself | #cdnpoli

... with his contemptible, sanctimonious hypocrisy.

With regard to @Vikileaks30, the sordid details of Toews' personal life were not "leaked." They were set out in public documents available to anyone with reasonably effective research skills. There was no breach of the law, so there's nothing to investigate.

I can't really improve on the Dawg's description, so I'll just cite it here:

Those details were already public record, obtained without the warrantless taps and probes that the Public Safety Minister wanted to lay on the rest of us. They expose the unpleasant fact that the man who ran on a platform of “family values,” and preached to the world about the “sanctity of marriage” and what-not, is an arrant hypocrite. 
He then added to that by stating that all those who opposed his thuggish bill were “standing with child pornographers”—and then calling the leaks “gutter politics,” as he was still dripping head to toe from a close encounter with one. 
Now he has further compounded his hypocrisy by demanding an investigation to track down the identity of “Vikileaks,” who has committed no crime and done nothing remotely actionable. Whining about his own privacy, he sees nothing wrong with outing the Tweeter who mocked him.

Oh, but it gets better. The Minister apparently doesn't even know what's in the legislation he's spearheading.

This after accusing critics of the bill of standing with child pornographers, and then trying to walk that back.

Sanctimony, hypocrisy, disgusting personal conduct, and a vindictive authoritarian streak, coupled with a willingness to smear opponents and whine like a coward when his own dirty laundry gets an airing.

Resign? What the fuck for? This guy's clearly the pride of the Harper cabinet.

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