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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Once again, time to play ... Let's hear from another Sun reader!

Source here.

Strictly speaking, I have doubts about the authenticity, as this guy can actually spell.

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  1. Those comments are really ugly in general.

    I'm starting to wonder if those commentators just hate skilled/professional workers or the fact that they are bright enough to unionize for collective benefits. Wish they would transfer their envy and hatred to the class that is robbing them blind.

  2. Christ but those Sun readers think they're so clever and cute.

    They literally make me sick. I watch their hero Rob (coward) Ford blowing TWO BILLION DOLLARS to bury a light-rail line under Eglinton Avenue, and then that moron Sue-Ann Levy have conniptions about a few thousand dollars in spending that may or may not be useful.

    So now these Sun readers (chumps) think they sound smart by saying a female union negotiator is ugly and saying that union workers are lazy.

    Guess what Sun readers? Rob Ford is fat and stupid. And you guys are complete morons for having voted for him.