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Friday, May 27, 2011

What Alison said (and deBeauxOs, and Dr. Dawg ... )

And while we're on the subject, the inimitable and indispensible Alison over at Creekside sums up the whole police-brutality, civilian-oversight thing as only she can.

Go read it now.

Update: And after that, check out this story from Ottawa from deBeauxOs and the Dawgmeister. I mean, brutal shithead cops and their enablers in so-called oversight roles are bad enough, but in this case, the dumbass not only bit a 15-year-old kid on the shoulder – he broke his hand on the kid's head. This isn't scraping the bottom of the barrel – this is breaking through the bottom to root around in the mud and raccoon shit underneath. It's actually worth quoting the Dawg (emphasis mine):

Not a single component of the system is there to protect and defend the rights of individual citizens when they are casually violated by police officers.


  1. Oh look, there's me! Tah very muchly for the link and kind words, OB. Don't know why you don't show up as a link under the post when I have 'show links' activated by default - nother annoying interwbs mystery I guess.

    Re rights of citizens not to be beat up by cops.
    We've always known some groups of people in Canada have suffered rather more from police brutality than the rest of us - I'm thinking 'starlight tours' and the like here.
    We should have come down very hard right away on that kind behavior because now it has spread to include the rest of us.

  2. Dunno whether it's an interweb thing or a Google thing. Blogger's been acting all squirrelly for a couple of weeks now.

  3. Yeah, I often can't even get into my own comments at Creekside.