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Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger back from the dead?


Now what the hell was that?

Is the Facebook / Google smackdown getting underway, and if so, why didn't anyone tell me?  Geez.

Some stuff may have to be rebuilt, and some stuff may have been lost.  In particular, a thoughtful and inspiring comment from Margarita del Norte, which said very succinctly what I'd been thinking for a few days, but better than I could have put it.  Because of the recent ... unpleasantness, I couldn't publish it, and now it's gone from Blogger.  Please honour me by sending it again, dear lady of the north.

(If it helps, I've still got it in my gmail, but it's only authentic if you submit it as a comment.  Reproducing it from there and appending it on my own would just look cheap. Email me if you need to.)

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  1. I noticed the biggest data loss in long reposts, with the latest activity to the point where I'm starting to think along the lines of "I'd rather switch than fight". A lady I've read for years cussed Blogger...she's got a talent for that..and opened with a partner at Soapblox. That's been almost a couple of years now.