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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Beijing Model? The Harper Model? Does it matter what we call it?

Capitalism and full-speed-ahead economic growth, fuck the environment and anyone who's not a well-connected insider, and if you have any dissenting thoughts or ideas about any of this, probably best to keep them to yourselves.


  1. I think that's rather unfair to Beijing. The Chinese approach is hypercapitalist in a way but far from neoliberal; it is managed capitalism with industrial policy.
    The Harperite approach is likely to be more the classic IMF model, which, while it causes all the problems of the Beijing approach, also doesn't actually create economic growth.

  2. But we'll still be clubbed down in the streets by jackbooted thugs, right? Because that's the important thing, after all.

    I miss being proud of my country. I remember that feeling, but it gets fainter and fainter every day and right now I don't know if I'll ever feel pride in being Canadian ever again.