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Friday, April 15, 2011

Early call for Election Meme-O-the-Week: voter suppression

Of course, that's just my opinion. But in the absence of a knockout blow during the debates, and with all respect to Helena Guergis and her opera teacher, the most telling storyline from this week has got to be the junior Karl Rove wannabes in Guelph.

Taking a page straight from the Rethug playbook, the junior flying monkeys may have lost this particular battle, but they appear to have achieved their larger goal: make it that much harder for students, a notably transient demographic not given to supporting Conservatives, to exercise their franchise.

Well, blow me down, as Popeye used to say. Voter suppression? Who'd'a thunk it? What else have they got up their sleeves? Caging lists? Rent-a-mobs? Seizing ballot boxes?

Oh. Right.

As Greg notes over at Mr. Sinister:
I noticed the following sentence in the article and it raised my eyebrow, to say the least:
Elections Canada issued a statement Friday that reaffirms special ballots are to be used to assist electors like snowbirds or military personnel who cannot get to a regular polling station.
Gee, I wonder why the Harperites aren't bitching about those ballots and those voters?
There's a lesson here, friends, and it's a nasty one. Now we see what Harper and his minions are prepared to do. Let's not waste time making nicey nicey. These bastards play dirty. We need to play just as dirty. Lady Byng candidates should probably sit this one out.

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  1. I noticed that sentence too. I guess the question is, how many more special ballot projects are there that fall under this decision?

    It's beyond me how Elections Canada could simultaneously state that the process was legal AND that they are now halting it. Clearly they are not immune to Tory pressure.

  2. The slippery slope towards Haiti's depressing situation.