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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ottawa cop charged with sexual assault in Stacy Bonds case

Well, well, well.

The Special Investigations Unit has charged Sgt. Steve Desjourdy with sexual assault in connection with an incident dating back to September 2008. Links from CBC, Globe, and CTV.

We've blogged about this extensively, so no need to go through the horrific details again, but ...

... hello? Is this guy still carrying a badge and a gun? What's wrong with this picture?

And what about the others? This was a tag-team effort, after all.

Desjourdy isn't the only one in the video. He's not the one kneeing Ms. Bonds in the back, he's not the only one pinning her to the ground, and he's not the only one abusing his power and sadistically abusing a slightly built black female prisoner.

Maybe they're giving him the Babak Andalib-Goortani treatment. Baby steps. Whatever. Cue the whining from crybaby cops about morale and witch hunts and cop haters ...


  1. "Is this guy still carrying a badge and a gun?"

    The standard procedure is to put a police officer facing charges on paid leave, so, no he won't have a badge and a gun.

  2. Did they purposely charge Desjourdy with a crime that probably won't be successfully prosecuted? That would be a good tactic if the SIU wanted to be seen to be doing something, while actually doing nothing. Common assault (against all of the officers involved) would seem to be a more appropriate, and more reliably prosecutable, charge, IMO.