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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is this what they call a cheap shot?

Four senior Conservatives charged with violating Elections Canada spending laws.

This could be where we juxtapose the news with all the soft-on-crime rhetoric.

Aw, you know: the stuff about dangerous criminals laughing their way through the courts while our revolving-door justice system and soft liberal judges trip over each other to put them back on the streets. Enabled, of course, by the hug-a-thug party. Stun Media must have macros to pump this stuff out.

Best line so far from Paul Wells:


  1. The story on CBC is closed to comments. Very curious.

  2. Watch now as Con poll numbers rise.

  3. Elected Senate? Senate reform? Blah, blah, fucking blah blah. What I find most offensive about all of this shit is that these hogs at the trough have such little regard for anything. Why does Irving Gerstein want to even be a senator? He's filthy rich, lives in Bridal Path Post road, owns People's Jewelers, Zales, keeps a skippered yacht for all his concronies...This shit makes me sick. And Findlay? Say no more.

  4. Yep, because, it's ok if you're a Harpercon

  5. Apparently it's all just an "accounting error".