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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Harper and the CRTC: baiting and switching?

Is that the term for it?

Could it be that he's throwing us a bone on usage-based internet billing so that the loosening of broadcast standards making it easier to lie on the air stays under the radar?

Which serves the Harper junta's long-term interests more: letting the telcos and ISPs keep screwing us, or enabling its own trusty version of Fox News North? Could they possibly be making a big show out of reining in Bell and Rogers on this, and scoring big PR points out of Protecting Canadian Internet Users? I mean, there aren't dozens of other less visible ways for the ISPs to keep gouging us ... are there?

Nah. They couldn't possibly be that cynical and calculating. It couldn't be the ... hey, look! Something shiny!

(Big h/t the indispensible Pete Nowak at Sex Bombs & Burgers.)

(Update: Hey, look what Thor says! Maybe I'm not crazy!)

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