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Monday, January 31, 2011

A 'terrorist fist bump' to Alex Hundert

That's right. Give the wanktards something to get all excited about.

Dude's out. His statement is here.

Not much I can add, for the moment, to the context and analysis already posted by thwap and Dr. Dawg, so instead, personal props to Alex for months of strength, grace, and class. Your simple dignity stands in contrast to the apparatus of repression, and shows the Little EichmannsTM running it for what they are.

I hear what you're saying about symbolhood and martyrdom too, but one suggestion: don't go anywhere alone, and wherever you go, make sure you've got friends at all times with video cameras. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a plan somewhere to take you for a ride on the Cherry Beach Express ...


  1. You know some of the comments at that mewling whine-fest of a Granatstein Sun editorial are pretty darn good.

    Of course, your typical Sun reading ignoramuses are also piping up saying that Blair's bozos could not intervene during the actual vandalism and therefore had to wait until the next day to arrest entirely innocent people and wha-tf???

  2. Granatstein may have what he thinks is a point about there were some vandals in the protesting crowds..... yet .... I am somewhat familiar with that area ..... and it seems to be that every so often someone gets shot there; every so often there is an assault by some drunk coming out of a bar; every so often someone falls, trips or otherwise gets injured on the street/alleys or falls into the lake.

    If he is going to count raw figures for crime - I suspect the multitudes of protesters prevented more illegal acts than they were accused of doing.

  3. Granatstein is a right wing bindlestiff!