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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hey, RCMP? How's that kicky, tasery, shooty thing workin' out for ya?

Not much to add to this. Kelowna RCMP pull a guy over, order him out of his vehicle, he complies, and cop kicks him in the face for no apparent reason.
Lorne at Politics and its Discontents, Logan at Sister Sage and Mound of Sound at the Disaffected Lib have been through this and posted links, but here's the raw video:

Dude must be auditioning for a gig at the Vancouver airport or something.


  1. We've gone from the Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive warfare to the Mountie Doctrine of pre-emptive police brutality.


  2. To make matters worse the pricks publicly accused him of domestic assault, which has subsequently been debunked by his ex-wife.
    They lie so often that they should be known as the Royal Canadian Mounted Prevaricators.

  3. To-days CBC news devotes a blurb to the assault and then bombards us with coverage of the "state" funeral coming up and how torontonians traffic will be be assaulted by the Blue Tide paying tribute. It used to be in this country that a vicious beating like this would have overshadowed all other stories. I guess we are all getting used to being kicked in the face.

  4. Mark, seriously you believe that the funeral of a man who devoted his life to protecting the citizens of this country and Toronto is not a good use of airtime? However, you would rather see the media portray this wife beater who was kicked once in the face (vicious beating) played over and over again to let us know how horrific the police in Canada are, give your head a shake people.

  5. anonymous,

    His wife denied it didn't she? Is there any dirt in your closet we could use if somebody (doesn't have to be a cop) kicks you in the face?

    Give your head a shake. And pray a roid-raged thug doesn't give your head a KICK for no reason.

  6. Hey Anonymous! Devoted his life to protecting citizens of this country and Toronto? The guy was run over by a snowplow! Do you work for C.B.C.? In case you missed the point i was making I will try to clarify. The cops have been under the microscope of late due to their criminal behaviour and not just during the G20. They are in desparate need of positive spin. I merely pointed out that the C.B.C. have more interest in showing their compliance to fall in line and not express continued shock at the those other protectors or the country and Toronto kicking people in the face. It really isn't in their job description.