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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some real prizes we've got here

As Cliff over at Rusty Idols would say, credit where credit is due. The Star's Rosie DiManno's been on the G20's asshole cops like a mongoose on a snake.

In her story today, one of the, um, "officers" allegedly involved in kicking the shit out of Adam Nobody is named: Detective Constable Todd Story. Is anyone the least bit surprised that this guy charged Nobody with assaulting him, and that the charge was subsequently withdrawn?

Anyone feel safer with guys like this and Kevin Antoine walking around unsupervised? While Chief Blair's thumb stays firmly implanted in his butt?

(Snark and insults aside, I'd like to believe that Cliff's right. I'd really like to believe that some media types  really are starting to get it. Whether that's true remains to be seen. It's not as if they have lengthy attention spans, after all ...  )

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