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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Payback's a bitch, isn't it ... Officer ...

Via the Star, news that charges have been laid against one officer – one officer – in the shitkicking administered to Adam Nobody at Queen's Park during the G20 clusterfuck.

Const. Babak Andalib-Goortani is accused of assault with a weapon. Anyone giving odds on him getting the Roy Preston treatment?

That's one cop. Follow the link to the Star article above and you see at least half a dozen gorillas in helmets, boots and riot gear, all piling on. What about the rest of them?

What about the miserable, tiny-dicked pieces of shit who kicked Nobody in the face after he was arrested and cuffed?

Several other details are emerging from this, none of them likely to restore public trust in the police any time soon.

Obviously dozens of other cops were involved in this, if not assaulting Adam Nobody then certainly going wilding on other peaceful citizens. Are we supposed to feel safe with these steroid monkeys walking around with badges and guns when they obviously think it's OK to whale on us without provocation? 

What does it say about their idea of serving and protecting when the ones who aren't actually wielding the batons are looking the other way and going all Tommy? Boy, I just can't wait for the next time there's a stymied investigation and the cops start whining about witnesses not coming forward. Pious fucking hypocrites. 

What are we to think when a fucking newspaper takes the lead and finds the break in the investigation? The Star broke this open with a video furnished by witness John Bridge, the guy initially accused of doctoring the video by Chief Blair. (An inspiring display of good citizenship, Mr. Bridge. Better watch your back.)

The Blue Wall's up, folks. No surprise there. Not like Blair or the Police Services Board's going to do anything about that. The one little crack, apparently, is that one of the witness officers, as yet unidentified, fingered Andalib-Goortani for the SIU. Whoever that officer is, he/she's got to know he/she's finished as a cop. What a comforting thought that is: do the right thing and your fellow officers will ostracize you and refuse to work with you because they've decided they can't count on you for backup. Cop culture in action. Anyone feel safer now?

Oh, and while we're on the subject of dysfunctional cop culture and contempt for civilians, anyone remember Otto Vass? More on that to come.

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  1. The ones who witnessed the assault and neither stopped it nor arrested the officers involved should also be charged for aiding and abetting.