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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mr. Mukherjee, tear down this wall

Just finished listening to Matt Galloway throwing softballs to Alok Mukherjee on Metro Morning.

The current chairman of the Toronto Police Services Board wants us to know that he has every confidence in Chief Blair, and that he and the rest of the Board are taking the Adam Nobody incident very seriously. He also thinks Chief Blair's inexplicable remarks about Mr. Nobody being an armed and violent offender and about the video evidence having been tampered with were based on the best information he had at the time, and that Chief Blair's subsequent withdrawal and apology were appropriate.

And before some cynical bastard flippantly suggests that that makes everything OK, and everything's all better, Mr. Mukherjee's hastening to assure us that the matter isn't ending there. In response to a suggestion from Mr. Nobody's lawyer Julian Falconer that it's now incumbent on Chief Blair to order the sadistic pigs  who kicked the shit out of Mr. Nobody and / or covered for them to come forward, Mr. Mukherjee wants us to know that there's going to be ... an administrative review! And apparently he and the other Board members have had a long conversation with Chief Blair about all this!


Just as an aside, I wonder how Chief Blair was able to identify the 80 or 90 naughty boys and girls who didn't wear their nametags so quickly? A day's pay? In the fullness of time, when the cowardly lying pieces of shit who assaulted Adam Nobody are identified, will Chief Blair be sending them to bed without dessert while Chairman Mukherjee nods sternly?

I've been going on about the Blue Wall for some time now. I don't have much use for Ronald Reagan or his legacy, but here's a thought for Alok Mukherjee straight from the Gipper ...

Update: a helpful hint from our friends at The Star ...

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