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Monday, December 20, 2010

Charges dropped against one G20 defendant ...

So it seems that Jaroslava Avila's not going to be prosecuted on bullshit "conspiracy" charges.

Yeah, well. While the evidence doesn't yet suggest that the Toronto Crown's office has its head as far up its ass as its Ottawa counterpart, let's not get too excited. It's not as if the Crown has suddenly developed a moral sense or anything.

Is Alex Hundert free yet?

Are the sadistic lying pigs who kicked the shit out of Adam Nobody under arrest yet? Has anyone been held accountable for what happened to Lacy MacAuley yet? Sean Salvati? Seamus Wolfe? John Pruyn? Does anyone doubt there are lots more stories just like this?

But in the meantime, the Toronto Police Association is whining about a website that invites people to talk about their interactions with police officers, because as TPA boss Mike McCormack says:

"I’m concerned whenever there are negative, one-sided comments about our officers that could encourage some sort of negative behaviour towards police."

Gosh, Mike, that's awful. Why don't you ask Kevin Antoine, Todd Story and Adam Josephs whether they've done anything that might elicit any "negative, one-sided comments?"

Over at Dammit Janet, the indispensable fern hill's fastened on this, and with good reason, but for my money, the best laugh line is right at the end:

Toronto police spokeswoman Constable Wendy Drummond says the new site shouldn’t be mistaken for a legitimate channel to make police complaints.
“The concern is that people might think that if they want to lay a complaint, this is the way to do it. It is not,” she said. “There is a proper way to do that.”

Once we finish gasping for breath, let's bear in mind that the Crown bears just as much responsibility for these abuses as the cops. It's the Crown, don't forget, that insists on ridiculous bail conditions and decides whether or not to prosecute these bullshit charges. So while Jaroslava Avila can finally speak freely again, there are many others who still have crap like this hanging over their heads.

Why, it's almost as if the combination of onerous bail conditions, pre-trial custody and the chilling effect on free association and free expression were designed to punish and intimidate people before they're even convicted of any offence!

I'm shocked! SHOCKED!

And just for fun, let's hear from a couple more Sun readers ...


  1. If I were posting a wank-list this week, those two Sun-tards would be on it. I guarandamnteeya.

  2. If? Talks't thou to me of ifs?

    So who's stopping you?

  3. I still find it exceedingly interesting that no one and I mean - no one - is interested in the people who were picked up post g20, had their images and names smeared all over the news papers, although they were not actually charged with anything and hunted down for crimes no one could actually prove they committed. I think that this whole thing is a sham. I do not take anything that is happening even remotely seriously. It's a big kangaroo court, as far as I'm concerned.