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Thursday, November 18, 2010

What is the Crown in Ottawa waiting for?

Hello? Paging the Ottawa Crown Attorney's office. That's 613-239-1200.

A court of law has ruled that the Ottawa cops' treatment of Stacy Bonds was a travesty, and cited their "appalling behaviours." That's not a rumour or a bit of hearsay or an incomplete or biased newspaper account. It's a finding of fact by a judge.

Don't believe me? Read it here.

J Lajoie Decision

That makes for a prima facie case, at the very least, against these officers:
  • Sergeant Steven Desjourdy. Not the first time he's been a bad boy, either.
  • Constable Downey.
  • Constable John Flores.
  • Special Constable Melanie Morris.

So what, pray, is Ottawa Police Chief Vern White hoping to accomplish with his "internal investigation?" A judge has reviewed the evidence and issued a ruling. Or are police officers exempt from things like that?

Over to you, Ottawa Crown. Time to get your thumb out.

(h/t Alison at Creekside)


  1. There will be 3 moons in the sky before anything happens to those idiots. Like George Carling said, "there is a club, and you're not in it".

  2. Again, for the umpteenth time - I do not accept the premise that the Police of our country,province,city etc have been given the right to use Cattle Prods, Violence, Intimidation etc as means of crowd control.

    And they are sh1tting in their own beds with their behaviour. Once enough view them as the enemy, the jig is up. At that point the rule of law gets replace by the rule of might as people will go to the toughest for protection - cost be damned