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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sorry to be a buzz kill

But there are worse people in Canada than Ezra Levant.

No, really.

The foot-soldiers of the corporate/state security apparatus have, once again, put their jackboots to one of the prisoners of conscience in the wake of the G20 clusterfuck. Alex Hundert, arrested last night by seven cops, stands accused of violating his bail conditions for participating in a panel discussion.

At a university.

Yep. That's how badly free speech in this country is threatened now.

Using a combination of pre-emptive night-time raids, ridiculously restrictive bail conditions, and of course good old police brutality, the corporate errand boys are slowly but surely criminalizing dissent and intimidating citizens into staying home and keeping their mouths shut.

Yeah, well. Not gonna work, little Eichmanns. Fuck you and the horses you rode us down with.

Update: A little more required reading from the best mayor Toronto's had in the last half-century.


  1. Canada's two histories: before G20 and after. This new world does not belong to us; it is theirs. They can do what they want, when they want. And we have little choice but to abide.